Premium Traveller places its preferential services at Madrid-Barajas airport at the disposal of FITUR visitors. If you have an early-morning flight to catch, our Air Rooms provide the possibility of spending the night at the airport so you can have a proper rest and a decent breakfast before boarding your flight. Visit our website to book yourself an Air Room – it’s just a few yards from your boarding gate.

You can also have a coffee or refreshment in our Arrivals Lounge, which has free Wi-Fi access along with local and international newspapers and magazines. Our facilities include a shower service on departure or arrival so you can freshen up and rest awhile before making your way to the congress or to your destination.

Of course if what you’re really looking for is door-to-door service so you can breeze through the airport without any worries, try our Fast Pass service. Also, the Premium Traveller website features a list of more than 35 VIP lounges at your disposal for hassle-free travel both on departure and on arrival.

Join us as a genuine #premiumtraveller and treat yourself to a comfortable, relaxed stay at the airport.