Premium Traveller. Personalized services.

Other benefits

Customise the Premium Traveller service as much as you want


Premium Traveller provides you with a wide range of services to ensure a pleasant trip from the word go.
Aside from our main services (VIP Lounges, guest rooms, wellness facilities…), we offer additional options for extra comfort, swiftness and ease while you’re at the airport.

Greater ease

In addition to guest rooms, VIP Lounges and Fast Pass, we also provide the following services:

  • Luggage transport and packaging
  • ESTA visa (for trips to the USA)
  • Concierge
  • Tax-Free
  • Business Corner: internet, telephone, fax, courier, photocopies...
  • Placement in accommodations if guest rooms are fully booked
  • Co-ordination of Meet & Assist services at other airports
  • Ordering of flowers/gifts
  • Additional transport

    The following transport options are available in addition to the VIP car park and the business-centre car park:

  • Public car park reservation at the airport
  • Transfer
  • Limousine transfer/ leasing
  • Transfer to the plane in a private vehicle
  • Greater comfort and ease

    In addition to wellness, barbershop and gym facilities,, we also offer other services for added ease:

  • Personal Shopper at the airport and in town
  • Dry cleaning
  • Restaurant reservations both within and outside the airport
  • Ticket reservations for shows